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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Jing – I was thinking…

    Since you really enjoy cooking and creating food….you ought to do a guest post on my blog. Can be on anything you want. What do you think?

      1. We’d have to work virtually on it but the gist of it is

        You’d cook something you really like.
        You can take as many or as little pictures as you want but the more pictures, the better a visual story.

        The you and I would get together (remotely) and compose a little background about it – what made you decide on it, a standout ingredient in it, where/how you learned to cook it, etc

        We’d go over how you made it, to detail the recipe and required materials/ingredients.

        I’d introduce you, probably through in a small Q and A portion so the readers have a sense of who you are, your background, how we came together, what you do when you’re not creating food, etc.
        But the write up would be yours.

        Your words, your story, your point of view…all that good shit.
        The overall idea would be for it to read seamlessly with a certain amount of entertainment, as if we were in the same kitchen.

        That’s essentially it in a nutshell.

        My email is on my contact page so we can move our remote communications through that but I think this would be a great way to drive some traffic to your blog and you seem like someone I could learn something from.

      2. Sounds good. I’ll probably write up a draft and send to your via email. Then we can discuss about some details. 🙂

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